Bisi Giwa

About Bissy’s Pretzels

Welcome to Bissy’s Pretzels! My name Bisi and I am the founder of Bissy’s Pretzels, a place to find healthier and tastier hand rolled freshly baked soft pretzels. I started Bissy’s Pretzels after I created a unique soft pretzel recipe whilst making homemade pretzels for my kids as little treats for memorising their scriptures just like the monks did in 610 AD.

When asked where I got the idea for my recipe, I can’t help but give all glory to God. In fact (and this is totally ironic) I can’t bake generally. When I started out, I made up different recipes each time I baked which, led to a lot of trial and error but I believe that the unique recipe I have now created comes from the ultimate creator!

Having refined the recipe over the years, it has reached a level of perfection, that I am proud to share with you. My mission is to cater for the health conscious but still maintain the sweet and savoury taste that is unique to Bissy’s Pretzels.

I hope you will visit or call Bissy’s Pretzels to try our pretzel today. Have a great day and take care!

Our philosophy

There are different types of flour. At Bissy’s Pretzels, we only use the finest untreated flour. The rich taste of Bissy’s pretzels comes from the untreated unadulterated flour that we use, taking advantage of the flour’s full, healthy and dynamic flavour characteristics. We are committed to delivering healthier and tastier freshly baked pretzels to all our customers by using British milled untreated flour which has tremendous health and environmental benefits. In addition to this, we use only the finest ingredients which creates a great tasting yet healthier pretzel. We are extremely proud to be the first British pretzel making company using only the finest British ingredients.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the number one British pretzel making company. We are committed to delivering unparalleled operations and healthier quality baked products. Our corporate motto is “healthier and tastier”. It is imperative that our organization employ the foundational philosophy that supports our operating culture in order to achieve continued success. We are focused on diversifying our menu, promoting ‘better for you’ pretzel choices, sensational enhancements and excellent service.

Our mission

Our mission is to add value to everyday life by offering healthier, tastier and nutritious homemade pretzels.

Our Brand Promise

We make healthier and tastier pretzels available to you. In a world where pretzel quality and preparation is not always equal, we at Bissy’s Pretzels offer our customers consistently superior tasting pretzels. Our goal is to help you discover and develop your pretzel palate and culture to expand your pretzel experience.

We deliver on our promise by:

• Offering you a wide range of healthier and tastier luxury products to choose from
• Making our pretzels with untreated flour and the finest ingredients
• Helping you to explore your pretzel palate in innovative and inviting ways