What income or return will I make from a Bissy’s Pretzels store?

Every store has its own unique characteristics that contribute to the level of income and investment return the store will generate. Capital costs can be significantly different by store. As a consequence Bissy's Pretzels cannot make statements or representations of what a store may bring in the way of income/investment returns. Each franchisee has their own investment objective, methodology for managing the store and performance ability. We will provide you with typical store contribution & expense ratios to assist you in your assessment. As previously mentioned it is a franchise requirement that you obtain independent financial advice.

What support will Bissy’s Pretzels provide?

The Bissy's Pretzels team will provide you with comprehensive training on all aspects of operating a Bissy's Pretzels franchise. Generally the training will be conducted in either a Company owned or a franchised store. For some outside London locations it may be necessary for you to complete some of your training in London. Initial training will be completed over a two week period.

What other key ongoing benefits does Bissy’s Pretzels provide?

  • Product development & research
  • Operational management support and advice
  • Operating manuals and training
  • Information technology, systems and reporting
  • Marketing support
  • Supplier management and negotiation
  • Lease management
  • Brand management

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