Bissy’s Pretzels relationship

Bissy’s Pretzels aim is to maintain the closest possible relationship with its franchisees to maximize sales and profitability for the mutual benefit of both parties. As Franchisor, Bissy’s Pretzels is committed to its franchisees who have invested in the Bissy’s Pretzels Business System and brand. Whilst franchising is no guarantee, the Bissy’s Pretzels team will do its utmost and continue to assist you to become successful business operators, provided of course that you operate within the guidelines that have been laid down. As Franchisor, it is our duty and responsibility to protect the brand image and the Bissy’s Pretzels retail operations for all of it’s franchisees, wherever they may be located, either nationally or internationally. Open communication is an important key to success. Bissy’s Pretzels will always value any ideas a franchisee may have. A full review of those ideas will be carried out so that an informed assessment can be made as to the benefits of employing such ideas across it’s network.